Optimize your life with a kitchen that fits your 'look',

your budget and your busy lifestyle.

Yes, please!

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

You need help making key design decisions like appliances, cabinets, counters, flooring and finishes so you can plan your kitchen with confidence. (No staring at painful mistakes for the next ten years).

You need help with putting together colors and styles and knowing you'll 100% love them because we work with your taste, your home's style, and an interior designer with over 25 years' experience.

You want to optimize your kitchen storage and workspaces without gutting the entire kitchen.

You want to keep the existing footprint of your kitchen, preserving the existing appliances and plumbing placements.

You need a realistic budget that reflects your income, the value of your home and factors in an uncertain economy.

You need help prioritizing your projects and scheduling them into your calendar.

You want tried-and-true resources respected and used by professional designers to eliminate endless searching.

You want a clearly written plan to keep you on track till the remodel is complete.

You want pictures and visual aids to ensure you're getting styles you love.

You're ready to make real improvements, but you're not sure where to start.

Ready to hear more?

Here's how you'll feel on the other side.

You're spending more time in your kitchen,

because it's so darn pretty and you get a ton of energy hanging there.

Couple goals? You're cooking together.

and seeing that connection happens over cooking and eating together way better than binging on Netflix.

Those shiny, new appliances are more than

just pretty faces. They work hard for you,

transforming you into a food prepping pro.

Did someone say Appliance Garage? How smart are you, clearing your counters of the juicer, toaster and blender.

Eating well and feeling good about your choices. like filtered water and non-toxic materials.

Ready to level up your kitchen game? Oh, yeah.

"Without Shiree's guidance I would have chosen the wrong things again. She has an incredible, innate sense of proportion and beauty."

- Cynthia C.



Virtual Design Strategy Sessions

Plan your kitchen renovation virtually with proven systems, frameworks and the help of an experienced designer.

Yes, please!

The Wellness Kitchen Virtual Design Strategy Sessions

Held virtually via recorded Zoom, my strategy sessions give you clearly written design plan and one set price tag to design and budget for your upcoming kitchen project.

This means more control for you of the overall design process and budget. You get ...

  • A thoughtful questionnaire that gives us clarity on your project before your sessions begin.
  • A clearly written plan with a budget, timeline and priorities mapped out.
  • Your 6 key design decisions made.
  • Pictures and other visual aids to ensure you're getting the styles you love.
  • And three 50-minute recorded sessions with yours truly (and a little extra for hellos and goodbyes), via a recorded Zoom call to review your selections, make any needed tweaks and address any concerns that pop up.

Let's take a look at what we'll do in your sessions ...

Yes, please.

Here are Some of the Things We'll Cover in Your Session

Working with an experienced designer on your kitchen renovations means you'll always be exposed to the best-of-the-best kitchen products vetted by me specifically for your style and budget. This eliminates for you overwhelm, costly mistakes and decision fatigue.

Let's look at some of the things we'll cover in your session.


Floors cover a lot of surface space. That means choosing the right color, style and material is extra important because it has a big effect in the overall look of your kitchen.

It's also super important because floors catch a lot of crumbs and fluff. Choosing flooring that shows every spot will drive you crazy in between cleanings. And we consider non-toxic materials because they matter too.


Appliances can take a big bite out of your budget so choosing the right price range is important. But so are looks, efficiency and convenience. Getting this right alone is worth the cost of the strategy sessions.


Cabinets and pulls add the 'sexy,' good looking quotient to your kitchen. We'll choose cabinet door types, pulls and finishes and make the right choice for your aesthetic needs and budget.


We'll choose the prettiest colors and styles to fit your look and lifestyle. Low maintenance surfaces with long lasting style and beautiful colors are more important than you know.

With the right counter surfaces, you'll worry less about spills and accidents, and they'll stay in style much longer!

Slanted closeup view of shiny industrial design spray style kitchen faucet.


Okay, maybe they're not the sexiest part of your kitchen but we'll choose the right sinks and faucets anyway, for all that produce you'll be prepping for salads and smoothies.

Plus, who wants to do dishes in an ugly sink?


Yes, lighting is tricky, and you need a couple of types in your design.

We'll choose the right styles, finishes, and scale for the look and size of your kitchen.

Did someone say, 'bonuses'? Let's talk about the three amazing bonuses you get with your strategy sessions ...




In this first bonus, you learn my favorite ways to find and hire reliable contractors and builders.

Nothing spoils a perfectly good collaboration like decision fatigue and fuzziness. Learn how to effectively communicate your priorities, style preferences and budget to your builder throughout your projects.

Value $37



Any designer will tell you small or large, interior design projects have a lot of touch points, details and decisions, not to mention the scheduling challenges.

I share how to use Post It Notes; Asana; Google Calendar; iNOTES; and pretty, old school binders with coordinating divider pages to tame the paper beasts.

Learn we schedule projects, organize paperwork and make managing fun and effective (with or without the colored pens and unicorn stickers.)

Value $27



To take away all the guess work for you, should you need extra help, I've created five basic kitchen designs in three different budgets: good, better and best.

That's counters, backsplashes, cabinet styles, lighting, flooring, appliances, pulls, paint, finishes and fixtures. Whew!

Each kitchen template comes with a 3D rendering so you can see how the colors and styles all work together in a unified whole. And you get the resource information to help you easily make your purchases!

Value $57

Let's recap. That's 3, fifty minutes Zoom sessions, and a $1,294 value, for just $297.

"A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe."

Thomas Keller.


I know how much you value your home and that you aren't afraid to invest in it. I also know how 'fuzzy' working with designers can feel.

So, you receive set pricing, clear design objectives and a 100% money back guarantee so you can invest with confidence.

If after our time together, you feel it won't provide exactly what you need let me know and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You will receive my design time at no cost.


Virtual Design Strategy Sessions

4 monthly payments of $82

One-time payment of $297



The Wellness Kitchen Virtual Design Strategy Sessions are priced well to begin with at $297.00. But I know many people are tightening their household budgets, so it is also available in four monthly payments of $82.00.

I hope you'll join me in The Wellness Kitchen Virtual Design Strategy Sessions today!

Frequently Asked


How do I know I'll love the design?

Because we first identify the styles you already know and love. Next, you learn my unique, step-by-step methods and frameworks for defining your own look, choosing styles, colors and finishes you love. And lastly, we'll put them together in a beautiful way, so you know you will love the end result.

What if I'm not ready to do my kitchen. Should I do the sessions now or wait till I'm ready to start my project?

I recommend you schedule your strategy sessions 3 months prior to beginning your kitchen renovation. This will prepare you for your remodel and ensure you get the session dates you want.

Will I learn how to do the actual remodeling during my sessions, like gutting, plumbing, wiring, codes and construction?

No. You won't learn to do the actual construction yourself, you will have made your 7 key design decisions, created your budget, and if or when you do remodel, you'll be ready to talk to your builder or contractor.

What if I need to do more remodeling in the future?

You can add hourly sessions as needed at regular pricing or get the special pricing by getting three sessions.

Will I need to invest in any other programs or training to design my kitchen?

No. Everything is right here in your sessions, but if you feel you need extra help you have the option to get another session or purchase my digital kitchen design program.

Do I get the sessions and bonuses all at once?

Yes and no. You get your bonuses immediately. However, your sessions will be 'spread out' weekly. If you need your sessions timed sooner or later than once a week, we can arrange something to fit your needs.

Hi, I'm Shiree.

I'm an interior designer and wellness expert.

I know how important your kitchen is to you. And I understand the overwhelm and challenges a kitchen project can bring.

Even when you’re only updating your cabinet color, pulls and sink, small decisions can make or break the space.

Whether for an ambitious 6-figure remodel or simply freshening up with paint and pulls, click below to book the The Wellness Kitchen Virtual Design Strategy Session and level up your lifestyle today.

With love, Shiree'

"Shiree did two homes for us, with two very different styles. She was really able to capture our various architectural styles."

- Leonora H. 

"One cannot think, love or sleep well if one has not dined well."

Virginia Woolf.



Yes, please.

"I have a home in the mountains. Shiree' got my style right away and I am pleased with how she incorporated it into the overall design scheme." 

- Vianne M.

"Laughter is brightest, where food is best."

Irish Proverb.