The 5 design essentials for a beautiful home and healthy lifestyle!

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Design help, wellness and a little woo woo thrown in for good measure!

  • Flooring, finishes and floor plans that support wellness so you feel great about your home!
  • Clarity and creativity via two highly effective design frameworks (yet so simple, they pass the grunt test!)
  • Quick wins via my simple design principals, secret hacks, techy kitchen news and more.

Well hey there, I'm Shiree!

I'm an interior designer, wellness advocate and newspaper columnist.

I help health conscious and health challenged women design homes around their wellness practices!

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"Shiree' was instrumental in my stunning, and so comfortable living room design. She was able to communicate with me effectively helping me to make decisions that felt were all mine, guiding my choices into best possible interior style.

Without her guidance I would have erred into buying the wrong sofa in the wrong color and size again. Shiree' has an incredible, innate sense of proportion and beauty. Everyone who comes to my home, now heads to my living room and feel comfortable hanging out in there."

— Cynthia C., San Francisco