Optimize your physical & emotional health with bite-sized habits to better eating, exercise, cleansing and sleep.

Yes, please!

As a wellness expert, designer and entrepreneur who has experienced many of life's challenges, I understand how crucial your health is.

I've been through the loss of a beloved spouse, perimenopause, depression and osteoarthritis to name a few.

What I learned through it all is that dedicated, optimal self-care is very effective in managing your physical and emotional wellbeing.

In this complimentary download you'll get:

  • Easy, delicious ways to adopt a plant-based diet and develop healthy attitudes towards food.
  • My easy, uplifting ways to stay in shape, at home equipment recommendations, and scheduling tips to help you stay consistent.
  • The supplements I've researched and have been using for years.
  • Simple sleep hacks.
  • And easy to implement fasting and cleansing techniques that easily work into your daily and weekly routines.
Grab the 5 Pillars to Optimal Wellness!


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Interior design just got a whole lot more fun. It's easy too, with my tips, tricks and special frameworks I create to help you live a healthy and joyful life in your home.


Choosing optimal foods and exercise, developing better sleep and downtime habits, and learning how to reconnect with yourself and loved ones so you live your best life ever.

Mindset Tools

From scheduling tricks and tips to secret design and wellness hacks to keeping agreements with yourself, I give you my best needle movers so you know your efforts will produce real results.

Wellness Design

Huh? I know, right? Wellness Design is a thing! Learn the things you need to know for aging in place, bringing nature indoors, choosing non-toxic products and more so you can live clean and healthy in your home!

Grab the download & discover the 5 pillars to wellness!

Yes, please!


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