Hi, I'm Shiree'! 

I'm an interior designer, author, design columnist and coach and I love helping women with arthritis create beautiful, functional homes and instill top shelf wellness practices every single day.

A beautiful, functional home. A healthy, balanced and happy life. All it takes is time, money or both and even then there are no guarantees you'll love the changes, right? 

What if there were an easy and affordable way to ensure your home supports and inspires you daily and in the coming years ahead with the degenerative changes of arthritis? I understand your unique challenges because one, I've been a designer for over twenty years and two, because I've been diagnosed with six types of arthritis myself. 

When you work with me one on one in my Designer Micro Sessions we tackle a lot! We address your top three biggest design challenges. I show you real life, easy to execute strategies to get you real results, often saving you considerable expense and costly mistakes not to mention a ton of frustration. I help you find ways to include your spouse or partner's needs into the scheme. And l share with you the best resources for you and your project. 

We work via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime from the comfort of your home. How convenient is that! But best of all, we work together with your look, your lifestyle, your budget and my trained eye! 

Live beautifully, eat beautifully. 


With more inspiration from your surroundings you take so much better care of yourself.


"Shiree was instrumental in my stunning, and so comfortable living room design. She was able to communicate with me effectively helping me to make decisions that felt were all mine, guiding my choices into best possible interior style. Without Shiree's guidance I would have erred into buying the wrong sofa in the wrong color in the wrong size again. Shiree's has an incredible, innate sense of proportion and beauty. Everyone who comes to my home, now heads to my living room and feels comfortable hanging out in there."

- Cynthia C.  

What we do in your Designer Micro Session ...


First, you take my written quiz to determine where you are currently with your home project and where you'd like to be in the next three to twelve months and beyond.


We then prioritize the items from the quiz and decide on three to five to design challenges to tackle in your micro session and beyond. 

DESIGN Step Three

Lastly I help you create a detailed action list to get you on track and provide you with a list of my favorite resources that pertain to your project. In your style preferences, budget and lifestyle!

What you will get working with me in your Designer Micro Session...

  • A well thought out questionairre to get you the clarity you need in order to move ahead and really 'move the needle' on your design project and objectives.
  • A custom list of design tools, techniques and resources that will ensure you and you home get the look, feel and function you want.
  • An intensive, written plan that you and I create as a team plus... a digital workbook to keep you on track to project's end!

Hi, I'm Shiree!


"Shiree did two homes for us, with two very different styles helping us make selections of furniture, fabrics, some remodeling, window coverings, lighting, sofas, chairs, pillows, etagere, armoire, dining room set, coffee table, end tables and a beautiful stool. Both homes surpassed our expectations. She was really able to capture our various architectural styles."

- Leonora H. 

"I have a lovely home in the mountains up above the snow level and I wanted to update my living room. I had followed Shirée’s bi-weekly design columns in the newspaper and called for her help. I wanted to work several of my existing furniture pieces and accessories and she got my style right away. I love the new sofa, chair, and window treatments and I was pleased how shiree incorporated my other items into the overall scheme." 

- Vianne M.

"We have worked with Shiree on two occasions with paint color selection, many custom window treatments and new area rugs and each time found the experience to be a great one. She is professional, reliable, and creative and even found a way to bring our different designs styles into a happy medium. We look forward to working with her again." 

- Marcia V.

YES! I need Shiree's Design and Wellness Micro Session $279!