We’ve never met but I know a lot about you! 

I'm Shiree Segerstrom and I believe you are ready to have a fantastic next phase of your life but there are some things that are holding you back. Why is that?

  • You want a beautiful, comfortable and energizing home that supports and inspires you daily instead of dragging you down. 
  • You want great self-care routines but the places in your home where you do self-care don’t inspire you. 
  • You want to wake up to a beautiful kitchen and feel great about making yourself daily, big raw salads and freshly made green juices but… they take so much time and then they don’t taste great after you make the effort.  
  • You want to use your valuable time to create a nurturing home environment and take excellent care of yourself but it’s just easier to scroll social media or turn on the television.
  • You want a home that truly supports and inspires you and feeds your soul daily, where family congregates on weekends and holidays, where you feel surrounded by beauty, where you are highly functional, and where you develop the best self-care routines and have the discipline to stick to them. 

But where do you even begin? 

I’m betting that you are already pretty amazing just the way you are but… you haven’t been keeping agreements with yourself. You keep them with your husband, your children, your clients or boss, your girlfriends, your pets, even the garden but do you keep agreements with yourself?

It’s time to get back to the bright, beautiful boss lady you were before you joined the too-much-wine-and-social-media-club. Ouch, right? And one other thing…  

This is where it all begins!  

It all comes together for you right here. 

You are at a fork in the proverbial road my friend. One path leads to doing the same old thing day in, day out expecting a different result while the other path leads to a new, proactive way of doing things with proven results, the right guidance, progress support and trusted resources.  


You are Step One. My philosophy.

Eat Beautifully. Live Beautifully.  

These are not optional in my life. My Pain Free Interior Design and Wellness Strategy Sessions were created to help and inspire you with arthritis and other chronic pain create a beautiful, comfortable and supportive home in which to live a better, healthier, more balanced life. 



"Shiree was instrumental in my stunning, and so comfortable living room design. She was able to communicate with me effectively helping me to make decisions that felt were all mine, guiding my choices into best possible interior style. Without Shiree's guidance I would have erred into buying the wrong sofa in the wrong color in the wrong size again. Shiree's has an incredible, innate sense of proportion and beauty. Everyone who comes to my home, now heads to my living room and feels comfortable hanging out in there."

- Cynthia C.  

During Our Design Sessions We Will:

Discuss in detail what you love about your home's overall style and what you hate about it.

Identify your style preferences; lifestyle; short and long term dreams and your other unique set of needs.

Determine how your home is currently functioning and not functioning for you.

Devise a decorating, remodeling, or building plan for a truly unique version of you, your home, and your lifestyle.

Choose colors, textures, and styles that feed your soul and tantalize your style taste buds.

Create one ideal floor plan that enhances your sense of stability and security.


"We worked with Shiree on two homes. She did everything from new furniture, window treatments, reupholstery and purchasing many new accessories, hanging every picture and placing all furniture and accessories old and new. We were very pleased with both homes and loved the fact that she was willing to work around many of the things we already had, updating them with fabrics, a few new pieces and accessories from her store. When we downsized several years later, Shiree turned the smaller house into a home. I love that my home looks so much like me and not someone else."

- Charlene D.  

During Our Wellness Sessions We Will:

This is where we dig into your self-care routines at home and develop a comfortable, nurturing, beautiful home with you and your arthritis or other chronic pain in mind.

Learn all my secrets for making big raw salads and fresh green juices taste so absolutely delicious that you’ll crave them daily.  

Learn easy and delicious ways to incorporate your meals into the meals you prepare for the other people in your home so you’re not preparing multiple menus.

Learn science based skin care techniques that take advantage of your body’s own mechanisms and systems, which are not from a jar, cost little if anything and are extremely effective.

Learn all the right doctors to follow and books to read for the best, cutting edge lifestyle curriculums for arthritis and other chronic pain. 

Learn how to best schedule time for self-care, even with everything else going on in your life.  


  • A design plan developed with you and I as the design team, so you know it will be not only beautiful but in the style and colors you love.
  • Receive customized tools, resources, and design guidance to help you achieve the home of your dreams.
  • Rise above time management barriers and create one basic morning and evening self-care program that keeps you on track and disciplined with only your top priorities in mind.
  • Identify what is missing in your home life that keeps you from having a beautiful, balaned life every day.

Ready to get started?

Hi, I'm Shiree Segerstrom!


Let's tackle your biggest challenges together!

When you work with Shiree Segerstrom you can expect that we are going to look closely at how you can feel great and live a more balanced, beautiful life at home with arthritis.

"Shiree did two homes for us, with two very different styles helping us make selections of furniture, fabrics, some remodeling, window coverings, lighting, sofas, chairs, pillows, etagere, armoire, dining room set, coffee table, end tables and a beautiful stool. Both homes surpassed our expectations. She was really able to capture our various architectural styles."

- Leonora H. 

"We worked with Shiree for four years on our custom home in Granite Bay. She designed most of our window treatments, a custom sectional sofa, breakfast table and chairs, and dining room chairs to coordinate with a fine area rug. Shiree was always professional and generous with her time. She did a beautiful job complimenting the architecture of our home."

- Wendy T.  

"I have a lovely home in the mountains up above the snow level and I wanted to update my living room. I had followed Shirée’s bi-weekly design columns in the newspaper and called for her help. I wanted to work several of my existing furniture pieces and accessories and she got my style right away. I love the new sofa, chair, and window treatments and I was pleased how shiree incorporated my other items into the overall scheme." 

- Vianne M.

"We have worked with Shiree on two occasions with paint color selection, many custom window treatments and new area rugs and each time found the experience to be a great one. She is professional, reliable, and creative and even found a way to bring our different designs styles into a happy medium. We look forward to working with her again." 

- Marcia V.

Eat Beautifully. Live Beautifully.

Yes, I want this now!

Pain Free Design and Wellness - 90 minute Strategy Sessions With Shiree Segerstrom!