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A body, mood & skin you're excited to wake up in!

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Discover the power of an exceptional lifestyle with mindset shifts, healthy habits and step-by-step plans.

This Program is a Right for You If ...

You want to feel pampered and prioritized. To have an amazing lifestyle with vibrant, good health.

You want beautiful skin, better moods and high, sustained energy throughout the day.

Sure, you keep it healthy enough, but you're ready to kick it up a notch (or three) by refining your existing habits and adding new ones that are actually worth your time and move the needle of your health and fitness level.

You want to eat optimally with a focus on organic raw salads, green juicing and vegetarian meals that not only taste amazing but leave you feeling pampered and content, never bloated or loggie.

You need exercise routines that show you results. That are easy to schedule and easy to follow through with. That have simple, 'stash-able' at-home equipment and make working out joyful and follow through oh, so convenient.

You need step-by-step action plans and mindset shifts to help you maintain your new lifestyle because any change, even the ones that are improvements take commitment.

If these sounds like you, then you my friend, are in the right place.

How You Will Feel on the Other Side.

Look at you with the bright eyes and plump skin! You're feeling vibrant, balanced and strong now.

Did you even know life could feel this good?

  • You're working out consistently and you actually look forward to it every day! Procrastination is hardly ever an issue anymore.
  • Your calendar is set up for exercise, sleep and food prep first using scheduling systems that are streamlined and effective: that prioritize you.
  • You're allocating your food budget much differently now, and you feel pampered and prioritized.
  • You are detoxifying your body on the regular with a small daily practice or 2 that add up to more energy, elevated moods and less inflammation.
  • You're sleeping better than you ever thought possible and feeling and looking oh, so rested.

Ready to level up your health and wellness game? Oh, yeah.




Create an exceptional lifestyle with optimal foods, joyful workouts and effective tools to help you stay consistent, get results and enjoy life to its fullest.

Yes, I need this!

What's Inside

Introducing The 7-Day Wellness Challenge, an owner's manual for your body that guides you in developing healthy habits and easy-to-implement action steps and routines.

  • Seven condensed lessons and two bonuses dripped via one email a day for seven days.
  • Optimal eating plans with recipes for salads, plant-based meals and green juices and the basics to making healthy foods taste really delicious.
  • Fun and effective workouts; at-home equipment recommendations and scheduling help.
  • Health related book recommendations.
  • Mindset and budgeting tips for spending more on organic, healthy foods.
  • How-to's and trusted, health related resources for working with your medical professional and being your own health advocate.

7 lessons to a beautiful, health centered lifestyle.

Let's take a quick tour of those lessons ...

Yeah, hook me up!

"Time is precious, don't spend it hoping you'll lose weight someday."

- Corinne Crabtree, Weight Loss Coach.

Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated


Studies show that an estimated 75% of us are dehydrated.

With optimal hydration your skin looks plump, and your organs work better at keeping you clear headed and detoxified. But the right type of water matters. So does the amount.

You will learn the ideal amount of water for your personal needs and simple ways to make sure you drink enough on the daily.

You'll learn water filtration options and resources to make sure you're fully hydrated, and why hydration is so crucial.

Eating Optimally


When healthy food tastes absolutely delicious, you eat a lot more of it. And when you eat a lot of healthy food, you feel energetic and on top of your game.

You'll get my party pleasing salad recipes. Plus, my green juice recipe that tastes like the best, homemade lemonade.

You'll learn my flexible, affordable eating program based on cutting edge nutritionists' advice and scientific study.

Most importantly, you'll learn ways to take 'dieting' off the table; make food your bestie; and develop healthy attitudes towards eating.

Making Exercise Convenient & Joyful


Movement is such a joyful thing. When you include exercise in your life you combat depression, strengthen muscles and bones, resist injury and retain your flexibility.

How did we go from not being able to 'sit still' as kids to a constant battle to exercise!

In this lesson you'll learn my easy, uplifting and effective ways to stay flexible and strong. My favorite, stash-able at-home equipment. How I make it all so fun and doable!

Plus, you'll get my great mindset shifts, scheduling format and motivation tips to help you stay consistent.

Optimizing Sleep & Downtime


Sleep is positively delicious ... when you do it right.

In this lesson you'll learn simple but powerful tools and techniques for an excellent night's sleep.

You'll learn how to build the correct habits for falling asleep. Hint: it's not about sound machines and sleep supplements.

You'll learn how to stay asleep once you get there, and ways to tweak your environment to be more conducive to quality sleep.

And you'll learn the proactive lifestyle changes you need to adopt for a deep, quality sleep.

The Importance of Fasting & Cleansing


Like sleep, fasting is a powerful healing tool. In today's world of pesticides, herbicides and compromised water sources, you must have additional means to detoxify your body.

In this lesson you'll learn different fasting and cleansing options and how to quickly and easily work them into your daily routines so they're convenient and enjoyable. Never just another to-do on your list.

You'll get my excellent book recommendations on fasting, tricks and tools that I've used successfully for years,

Making Your Doctor Part of Team You


In this lesson you'll learn how to be your own health and wellness advocate and why it's crucial to you and your health.

You'll learn how to choose a medical professional that's right for you and your season in life. And how to work with them proactively so that you get what you need to maintain optimal health.

No easy feat in today's fast paced health care system.

Mindset Tricks to Make it Stick


This robust lesson gives you my best mindset shifts to help you manage your thoughts and keep agreements with yourself.

It ties together everything you've learned and helps you build stronger, lasting habits for life.

Prioritizing yourself has never been more important and will only continue to be more so as you grow and progress in this crazy thing called life!

Bonus One

In this exclusive PDF bonus, you learn how to use my top mindset shifts and techniques for optimal eating. Only available when you purchase the 7-Day Wellness Challenge.

Managing and prioritizing your food budget can be highly conflicting: you want to include the highest quality foods, but you aren't comfortable with the associated costs that are sometimes higher than you're used to.

You'll learn how to adopt my 'Pampered and Prioritized' mindset around food shopping so that you feel good about buying the healthier options,

You'll learn how to schedule your meals. Yep, there's a science to it. How to plan for periods of fasting. And how to combine foods for optimal digestion.

Bonus Two

What to buy at the grocery store can be a challenge. This exclusive bonus, available only with the 7 Day Wellness Challenge, will take away the guess work and give you templates for your weekly shopping as well as occasional buys.

I'll share mindset tricks around food shopping; how to read labels; what ingredients to watch out for; and my three favorite ways to save time and money when food shopping.

Seven lessons, two bonuses and a healthier lifestyle for just $37!

Yes, I want this!

This program is everything you need to transform your inconsistent habits into highly effective, enjoyable daily routines so you can be consistent, enjoy the process and get incredible results.

Hydration Do's

This lesson will set you up strong with proper, daily hydration habits and water filtration do's and don'ts.

Optimal Eating

You'll find answers to conflicting information around eating, how to make healthy food taste absolutely delicious and develop healthy attitudes towards eating.

Joyful Work Outs

You'll learn simple, effective ways to exercise. Plus, mindset shifts and motivation tips to help you stay consistent.

Sleep & Downtime

You'll learn how to build the correct habits for falling asleep, how to stay asleep and ways to tweak your environment to be more conducive to sleep.

Fasting & Detox

You'll learn different fasting and cleansing options and how to quickly and easily work them into your daily routines.

Your Own Advocate

You'll learn how to be your own health and wellness advocate and how to choose a medical professional that's right for you.

Tying it Together

My best mindset shifts to help you manage your thoughts. Ties everything together and helps you build lasting habits for life.

Robust Bonuses

Two robust bonuses with mindset shifts for optimal eating; and grocery shopping lists and do's and don'ts to help you and shop with ease.

Seven lessons, 2 bonuses and a healthier lifestyle for $37

Yes, I want this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program a little overwhelming?

No! I don't do overwhelm and you don't have to either. This program is made of simple, everyday habits you can adopt one at a time, or a whole lifestyle you can embrace all at once.

Who is this program for?

This program is really flexible. It's for literally anyone able or willing to eat salads at lunch and workout 5 days a week.

Big bonus points if you're willing to do the green juicing program inside.

How quickly do I get the lessons and bonuses?

Starting immediately, each of the 7 lessons will be delivered or "dripped" to your inbox one lesson a day to help you avoid overwhelm. No fire hoses allowed. The bonuses are delivered at the very end of your Challenge and are the 'icing on the cake'.

What are your qualifications?

I am a wellness expert with almost twenty years studying and researching healthy lifestyles and pro-aging techniques. I get my information from and built this program around several well-known medical professionals, nutritionists and performance coaches and their programs.

How is this program different from other programs?

This program is a unique combination of easy to absorb information, motivational help, action steps, resources and scheduling tips in one place.

The phenomenal taste of my green juice recipe and my salad recipes and the fun, flexibility of my workouts are a huge part of the success of this program.

What kind of results can I expect at the end of the program?

You can expect some nice changes in just 3 days, and when you've done the exercises and the eating plan for a week, and then two weeks expect really great results. And it keeps getting better from there.

"Self-care is really about self-love."


A Note from Shiree'

As a wellness expert, designer and entrepreneur who has experienced many of life's challenges, I understand how important your health is to you.

I've been through the loss of a beloved spouse, perimenopause, depression and osteoarthritis to name a few.

I created the 7 Day Wellness Challenge to be a health handbook to help you navigate your own health and wellness.

To enjoy eating right and to help you learn to actually want to exercise and do all the things that make you feel healthy!

Creating a lifestyle you love, will totally level up your moods, how you connect with yourself and others, how your skin looks, your sense of inner balance and more.

It's my sincere hope that you get so much from my program. I hope you decide to stick with it for life and that it serves you as beautifully as it has served me.

From my heart,

Prioritize yourself starting today ...

Shiree Segerstrom Interior Design

& Wellness


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